"Don't Cry Mommy"
Time has come for me to go
To leave my family as I have known
Please don't mourn for me
As I have gone Over the Rainbow
I'll always remember the times we shared
The way you cared and loved me
I'll remember the things we did for fun
You gave me your heart and I gave you
my trust and love
"Mom, I AM OK"
I will be watching over you everyday.
I have my friends who have
also gone "Over the Rainbow"
but, will always remember my
family and the love they gave
on the Other Side of the Rainbow.
I love you.
-Theresa Spielbauer


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Images of Siberian Huskies who have gone on before us...

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In Memory of Rescues


- March 10, 2000

Owned Ken and Sidney Helen Sachs
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"Misha went to sleep in his doghouse this afternoon, and he no longer fears anything. Nothing aches when he runs on the team over there. And he can safely climb all the fences he wants to because the horses are very very slow across the Bridge."


Lassky's Hapi Harliquin

Owned Art and Marilyn Lassagne
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"At the end of (Iron Will), when I saw Harli on the team, with Will being dragged. I always get tears in my eyes, even though they are going to win, you would think this was very real and my baby is on the winning team."

Harli at 2
Harli in Iron Will

Harli, the second dog to from the left in "Iron Will"

Solocha's Robin Masters
Jan. 28, 1997 - Sept. 30, 1998

Red Robin
Owned Sidney Helen Sachs
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Solocha's Robin Masters

"Robin has quickly become his mama's boy. What would we have done without you, Red Robinhoo"d

Coe Hill Miss Belle
1986 - March 18, 2000

Fostered by Sidney Helen Sachs
Owned the members of the Sibernet-l
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"She wagged her tail at me and together we discovered all 6 of her milk bones (3 evening and 3 morning biscuits) in her dog house. She offered ME the bone very carefully and wagged her tail."

"Godspeed Miss Belle... you found love and peace in your life, even for a short time."

Miss Belle

CH Wayeh's Cherokee Brave, CGC, TT, TDI
March 4, 1988 - June 2, 2000

Owned Sidney Helen Sachs
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Ch. Wayeh's Cherokee Brave

"After 12 years and 3 months, Cherokee had laid down and gone to sleep. We will miss you, Cher-Cher, Kisses for Billie."

Gerick's Kodiak Diamond
April 8, 1992 - July 7, 1996
Gerick's Diamond In-a-Tuk
April 8, 1992 - April 5, 2000

Owned Nick and Betty Anne Shores
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"Kodi and Tuk, together again."

Kodi and Tuk

- November 25, 1999

Owned Suzanne Banda
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"Sam was my first rescue but more importantly he was my first Siberian. He adopted US! He was the best teacher. I couldn't ask for a better dog to teach me the ropes. The best thing is with him in the house who needed an alarm clock. Every morning he felt at 6 AM EVERYONE needed to be up! And who could be mad at him with those blue eyes."

Buddy, TDI, CGC
November 26, 1992 - March 21, 1999
a.k.a. Louigi

Owned Patty and Family
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"Godspeed to My Wild Wanderer"


January 7, 1992 - June 13, 2000

Owned Kathy Lovelace
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"He had such a friendly personality and always gave us unconditional love. I'm not quite sure yet what to do without him."

September 6, 1984 - February 9, 2000

Owned Janis Beghtol
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"But maybe the most special thing of all came the last night she was with us. When she forfeited the comfort of her pillow and struggled over to me on painfully unsteady legs. She let her body fall against my legs. I knelt down to her and she let herself fall into my lap. She wanted me to hold her. My Sasha who hated to be held. She knew all along. She knew I had wanted to hold her just once before she went away. She knew how much I loved her and in her own way she always made sure I knew she loved me too."


1994 - November 22, 2000

Owned Rob & Adrienne Adams
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"He wanted his affection on his terms, some times even jumping in my lap on top of the computer as I sat in my recliner.
He left us Wednesday, the 22nd of November. We'll sure miss our buddy Specs."



Owned Dianne Stowers
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"I do believe that Nicky loved me more completely than has any creature on this planet, partially because he so needed me.....but also because I needed him."

Boris and Tali

Owned Jacques' Porter

As will eventually be the case for all of us, Jaques Porter has made the journey to be with Boris, Tali, and all the Siberian Huskies that have owned her on April 24th, 2006. We wish her Godspeed and smooth trails.


"I will speak your name on the wind. I will tell of your dignity and your charm, I will recount your many lessons of patience, humility and yes even your fears of the dark but most of all I will tell of your capacity for love.

May your darks always be lit with sunlight and your path always be firm.

I will speak your name on the wind."



"Somber, Serious, and Headstrong. You won my heart and tried my patience. Your life was full of turmoil and our time was short, but The memories you left will lay upon my mind like a fragile mist."