Old Friends . . .
Old Friend . . .
Stay for a while
Give me your smile
Please, don't go away
I need you to stay

My Old Friend . . .
Remember our past
Oh, I wish it would last
those romps in the sun
were just so much fun

With My Old Friend. . .
See how my pup, you have grown
had pups of your own
passed on a special touch
to those who owe you so much

My Old Friend . . .
Where has the time gone
For one last run.
We've said our goodbyes
It's OK to close your eyes
My Dear Old Friend . . .
-Pat Tetrault


Images of Siberian Huskies who have gone on before us...

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In Memory of Rescues  


Irlocon's Yukon Bandit-Nemo, Can. CD, Am CDX, TDI
January 29, 1982 - February 20, 1996

"Always mischevious, often frustrating, he taught me alot."

Bandit with CDX

Irlocon Eric's Little Erika, CDX, Can CD, CGC, TT
January 14, 1983 - February 21, 1999

"Offer a prayer for Erika, so that her soul speeds like a shooting star to join her buddy, Bandit at the Rainbow Bridge."


Stoli's Catch My Drift

June 5, 1992 - April 6, 2001


"Godspeed, Drifter. There is a hole in my heart where you will always reside."

Can. Ch. Khetaqua's One Hundred Proof, Am/Cad CD, TT, CGC

February 1, 1988 - January 22, 2003


"On gossamer wings she will fly
  Up, up into the sky
When you gaze at the sky tonight
  She will be the star shining so bright."

Loki's Mischief
June 14, 1994 to June 21, 1996

"Sing me a song baby, sing me a song. Oh god please just one more song."

Loki's Mischief Loki's Mischief

Mishka and Sashka
Jan, 1979 - Oct, 1991 and Jul, 1979 - Jul, 1994

Miska and Shaska

"Sashka was our vivacious little clown, Mishka our stately philosopher. When Sashka had worn herself out with her antics and was sound asleep, Mishka would lay awake for hours just watching the world go by, possibly pondering deep philosophical questions."

Whimsey - Am/Can Ch. Kossok's Flower Child
Jan 8, 1984 - Jan 17, 1998

"I've had many fine dogs in my career, but she was undoubtedly the sweetest and most loving. She firmly believed she never met anyone who didn't want her kisses or the opportunity to pet her."


Ch Jessie O' Sienna Run
June 15, 1993- February 14, 1999


"Jessie was mischievious, played tricks on the other dogs as well as people."


"Natural born therapy dog...if it was a human being, she loved it. We'll hold (all the memories) in our hearts until we meet her again at the Rainbow Bridge. Just wait, old girl, we'll be there."

Spica Spica

Anita's White Fang
Jul. 13, 1991 - Oct. 7, 1998
- December 6, 2000

"And my spoiled rotten Fang, silver and white with soulfull brown eyes."


Godspeed, Spike. May your trail be smooth and fast as you rush to meet your brother Fang,
"North of the Rainbow Bridge".

Sweet Spike

Nakito Waya Diganeli
August 7, 1998 - January 15, 1999

Niko on the floor

"God had a reason for sending him to us....
he is ours......
in sickness and in health....
always our baby........"

Niko in the snow Niko close up

- May 16, 1999


"Now I know that the pure spirit of love can have a physical presence. Joe was that presence in my life."

Nikita, Tovakanok, Willow, and Kyak

Nikita, Tovakanok, Willow, and Kyak

The Howling Huskies of Willow Run: Nikita, Tovakanok, Willow, and Kyak

On the trail

"During our thousands of miles hiking, skijoring, and mushing their pawprints intermingled with my bootprints and became a single track. Now I cannot imagine life without Siberians. The dogs who currently share my life and those in the future are *tributes* to these first four who I will carry in my heart forever."


Rusty up close Rusty

"On the way there, I played his favorite song, "Angel" by Sara McLaughlan, the one I played when he first came home. It always calmed him.
Driving home I was remarkably calm. I feel I had made my peace with everything. Then something really strange happened. Whether I'm reaching or whether I really saw this- a vision of him walking with Jesus, just as plain as day. He looked back at me, with all his teeth (which he had lost) and then walked away, as if to say, 'Don't worry Mom, you were right.'"

- May 19, 1996

Owned Ron Sudjian
Pharoah Pharoah

- November 2, 1994

(My Belgian Malinois)

I know that Brandy is not a Siberian Husky, but she still holds a place in my heart.